Why have an internet site?

Until recently, most business communication has been by letters, faxes and telephones. That has changed for ever - and the speed of change has been phenomenal.

Shopping almost invariably involved a trip to the shops. It is changing - fast. Time will come when more goods and services will be bought via a computer terminal than through any other means.

It's not unknown for people to order extra milk via e-mail! All companies must sell themselves. The internet is the biggest market place ever - and growing. Your internet site is your access to the market of the future. Can you afford not to be in it?

Internet Statistics:


  • 50% of US citizens have access to internet
  • 20% of UK citizens have access to internet
  • Growth in the US was exponential - as soon as free access introduced
  • UK has had limited free access since June 2000
  • All UK children will have internet access by the end of year 2000