Where do we put our website?

Most companies rely on third party services for hosting. Hosting your own site is possible, but expensive for all but large companies.

Pagecity offers hosting facilities as well as website design. We can set up your site within minutes, and register a site (domain) name for you. Your website will then be "yourname".co.uk. (or .com, or .org etc). You will have free e-mail addresses (up to a limit) for your employees and if you wish, we can provide free access to the internet through our own freeservice provider.

If we sound as though we do everything, that's good. Because we do.


Pagecity website hosting:


  • Domain registration
  • No limit on webspace
  • High Bandwidth
  • Free internet access.
  • Free e-mail accounts (POP3)
  • Technical helpline